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Questions to ask before choosing your installation partner

What products do you offer?

Some companies only deal with a single window or door manufacturer, meaning they make recommendations based on a limited product range. As it’s impossible for any one manufacturer to offer a range of products to suit every need, Windowline works with all leading manufacturers, which allows us to provide products based on what’s best for your apartment building.

Do you manufacture your own windows and doors?

Window and door manufacturing and installation are two completely different areas. At Windowline, we source our products from Australia’s leading manufacturers, including G. James Glass and Aluminium, and other leading companies. We also offer an extensive range of imported double-glazed uPVC windows and doors.

What other products and services do you provide?

At Windowline, installing and replacing strata windows and doors is all that we do, meaning we’re true specialists.

Will you be using standard frames for my job?

While standard-sized window or door frames may cost less, they don’t fit older buildings. For a quality finish, it’s essential to have your replacement frames custom made. So don’t let anyone talk you into using standard sizes to save a few dollars. At Windowline, our check-measurer will calculate the exact sizes needed for your new doors and windows, which will then be made to measure by one of our quality suppliers.

Who supervises the work on site?

In some companies, there is no one to carry out this vital role or it’s left up to the sales representative. At Windowline, we provide a dedicated site supervisor as part of our production team. It’s their job to make sure your project is carried out to the exacting standards we expect from our installers.

How is my job handled once I place an order?

For your project to run smoothly, there needs to be set procedures in place and a dedicated contact for your job. Once you’ve placed an order with Windowline, we detail exactly how we will be handling your project, including who you can contact for help with any questions along the way. Once your quote becomes a job, the production team responsible for planning and installation can provide you with information or help, along with your sales representative.

What guarantee do you offer on windows, doors and workmanship?

We offer a 6-year guarantee on the installation, while also extending the manufacturer’s guarantees with respect to the window and door products.

How can we help?

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