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The Windowline process: smooth from start to finish

Our processes are designed to ensure your project runs smoothly and you know what to expect from quote to completion.


Agreement signed

A written agreement is required for all projects, and we can provide you with a range of options. The best agreement for your project can depend on your location [NSW or QLD] and the size or complexity of your project. Some clients prefer to get their own representatives to prepare their contracts, however we do not usually include an allowance for legal review of third-party contracts, so any additional cost would be a variation. An extract of our "Replacement Plan" forms the Scope of Works for your project.

Insurance certified (NSW requirement)

Home Owner Warranty Insurance is a requirement for all residential building work in NSW for $20,000 or more. The certificate of insurance will be sent to your strata manager.

Deposit paid

A deposit is to be paid on execution of the contract in accordance with either NSW or QLD regulations.


As it is crucial to measure every window and door individually, we need access to all apartments and common property areas. Depending on the size of your project, measuring may take several days. Notice will always be given.

Order processing

This can be very time consuming, as all measurements need to be collated and additional material requirements calculated. As materials are often specially powder coated or anodised, accurate site take-offs are very important.

Product ordering

Product and material orders are scheduled for delivery based on the installation program. Typically, all frames must be measured before we can place orders, as jobs are priced by our suppliers on a project basis.

Window and door manufacturing

While this is done off site and it might not seem as if much is happening, this is when all our frames are being custom made. Once our suppliers have processed their own internal orders, materials including aluminium and glass have to be ordered, and powder coating or anodising needs to be done before manufacturing can begin.

Delivery of materials

Deliveries will happen regularly depending on the scope and duration of your project. The best location for different materials will be discussed with you.

Work sequencing

Window replacement is carried out on a unit-by-unit basis working from the top units down, with some exceptions:
a) Continuous window walls that are joined down the elevation of the building must be done as a single job to ensure adequate waterproofing, provide the best overall finish and avoid unnecessary scaffolding costs.
b) Jobs where swinging stages or fixed scaffolding is used may also require a different approach.

Before starting, we will notify your strata manager and residents of the work and ask that non-resident owners be contacted so their agents can inform tenants of access requirements.

Work has been quoted on the basis of access being provided as needed, so your project can be carried out without disruption. Additional charges to your owners corporation may apply if reasonable notice has been given and access isn’t available.


Window and door installation

This can take weeks or even months depending on the size of your job, and good communication is essential during this part of the process. Schedules can change due to work progress or weather. Our installers are experienced at working in people’s homes, however your residents’ assistance will be needed to ensure apartments are prepared for installation.

Rubbish removal

To minimise mess, rubbish will be removed regularly. Between pickups, rubbish will need to be stored in a safe holding area made available on site.

Progress payments

Payments are invoiced according to the Progress Payment Schedule in your Works Agreement.

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