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At first glance workmanship can look the same, but it can be very different indeed. Especially when it comes to window and doors installation. In fact, in 2019, The Australian Financial Review drew attention to the crisis of competence facing the high-rise building industry as a whole. Quality, sadly, is not always guaranteed.

One Strata Committee wanted to leave nothing to chance when it came time to choose a firm to install glass in every one of their 147 units. Pip Hacon, Treasurer of the Beach Haven Strata Committee, said that they were ‘very aware of several buildings on the Gold Coast that had had major difficulties once they had commenced the replacement of their body corporate windows and doors, and the costs of such failures were exorbitant.’

Pip says that an even bigger concern for the Committee than cost was the issue of workplace health and safety performance on the project. Beach Haven knew that in a high-rise building like theirs with 32 floors, the risk of a potentially fatal accident was extremely high. There was also of course the need to ensure that any work met all the legislative and engineering requirements.

Beach Haven Chairman, Phil David tells us that to ensure the right outcome for their building, they engaged a project manager from JPSM Project Management to assist them. The first question they asked him was, ‘Can you list the top three companies you would allow to install the windows and doors in your own home?’ One of those companies on the list was Windowline.

During the early development phase of the project, the committee visited several sites including Windowline, on a job site where work was in progress. The purpose of the site visit was not just to see the quality of the work, but also to chat to the supervisor and the team members. During which Phil was impressed with the fact they were ‘very upfront about what they could and couldn’t do. They weren’t trying to pull the wool over our eyes.’

‘We wanted people we could look in the eye and trust.’

After the windows and doors design was finalised, the committee then decided to complete a benchmarking exercise to confirm the scope and methodology. Windowline was selected to install windows and doors in one ground floor apartment. This not only demonstrated to interested owners what the new windows and doors would look like but more importantly, the benchmarking process highlighted the idiosyncrasies of Beach Haven that could impact installation. These were then incorporated in the final scope for tender purposes.

As safety was our non-negotiable criteria, the committee wanted people we could ‘look in the eye and trust.’ This is why during the tender meetings in the Gold Coast, Phil was amazed that Gary, the Founder of Windowline, was there in person from Sydney to answer questions about the organisation’s history, culture visions for the future.

Phil says that Windowline was awarded the business because of the ‘value’ they offered Beach Haven, not just a good price. Their criteria for selection included safety approach, project execution and clear handover processes as well as an experienced team from a recent job of similar magnitude. In fact, the Beach Haven committee had been so impressed by their site visit, that during the tender negotiation, they requested that the supervisor they met would supervise Beach Haven Project. ‘We knew we had not only the right company, but the right people,’ says Phil.

‘We know we had not only the right company, but the right people.’

After 31 years in the business, Windowline has all the processes in place to give owners peace of mind, despite the incredible scale of the project. Everyone involved always knew exactly what was happening and when. As well as who to talk to with any concerns.

This became even more critical when COVID-19 hit. Windowline remained unflappable and ensured work continued as planned. Windowline is thoroughly on board with all aspects of the health and safety surrounding COVD-19 and has diligently implemented all legislative requirements.’

‘Installation is ongoing. But we are very relieved and pleased that we went with Windowline. We have had nothing but exceptional feedback from the lot owners who had their windows and doors replaced,’ says Phil.

This article was first published in ‘Inside Strata’ Winter 2020.

If you have any questions, contact Gary: [email protected]

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